Omio (formerly GoEuro) needed design leadership. I stepped in as interim head of design and led the team through a rebrand. We focused on improving the team's process, operations, organization, and recruitment.


Interim Head of Design
Brand Design
Product Design

Project 1

Interim Head of Design

1.) Evaluate the process, organization, and operations.
2.) Suggest alternative tools and processes
3.)  Motivate and mentor team to make changes.
4.) Hire leadership and design support

"European multimodal travel booking platform GoEuro has announced a change of name and destination: Its new ambition is to go global, scaling beyond its regional grounding to tackle the challenge of intercity travel internationally — hence needing a more expansive brand name."


Project 2


1.) Course correct the project
2.) Build a freelance team
3.) Build the new brand
4.) Transition the work internally

Project 3


1.) Evaluate the current product
2.) Vision the potentials for the product
3.) Mentor and coach team
4.) Incorporate brand and product guidelines

Josh worked with us to establish a new brand at a pivotal time in Omio's history. We were going through a process of renaming the company and expanding our footprint, and we needed a brand to match our ambitions. Josh worked closely with internal stakeholders from the executive level and ground level to establish the new brand. This collaboration allowed for the project to be transitioned internally and mobilized across all platforms and channels.  His ability to gain trust and articulate design decisions that impact the overall brand was critical to the engagement.

Naren Shaam - CEO and Founder


John Custer - Design Direction
Anta Alek - Illustration
Tori Hinn - Design
Jenny Kutnow - Design
Jason Ferguson - Copy Writing