Oscar is a health insurance company based out of New York. It was created to challenge the existing insurance paradigm and in doing so, create a simplified experience.

I joined the team during the first sales season (ACA open enrollment).


Head of Design

By the numbers

$3b Evaluation

Up from $200m when I started at Oscar in 2014.

Expanded from offering in NYC to now offering in 9 markets.

7x Membership

Up from 40 people in Soho to 500+ around the country.

10x employee growth


Product Design

I initially started as a product designer helping to map out and design the member experience for Oscar Health. By the time I left, I was managing a team of designers working across 4 product verticals.



I worked with our internal brand team and external studio/agency partners. A primary focus was to create a more focused and cohesive brand system that flows through all materials (digital, physical, spaces, etc.)