Rho is a full-service business banking platform designed for teams. I worked with the founding team to establish a UX, UI, and branding system for the launch and successful round of fundraising.


Product Design
Brand design
Contract (TCR)

Getting the bones right

Establishing a UX foundation

I worked closely with the founders to establish a UX and UI skeleton for their team to build future iterations of the product. We brought the product to launch and transitioned out after the team secured a successful round of funding.

"There’s nothing [tailored in traditional banking] in support of startups and small businesses. It is still archaic to even obtain a bank account" - Alex Wheldon (CEO)


Getting the bones right

Branding on the run.

Branding for an early-stage company often happens at breakneck speed. In this instance, the visual language picks up from the product experience as a reflection on the simplicity of Rho's offering. The tandem process required trust and decisiveness in decision making.