About the business

Rho is a bank that gives it's business users the ability to see their numbers in a way that traditional banks haven't been able to. The initial principles were to enable CEOs to have visibility, save money, and plan better for scale.

the story

I was introduced to Rho through its founder and CEO, Alexander Wheldon. He sought a partner to help bring to life the vision he and his co-founder had for a digital bank that truly catered to businesses. This opportunity was yet another chance to get in on the ground floor of something I believed would thrive. Alex infused the project with an energy that convinced me we could build a groundbreaking banking system with just a small, dedicated team.

Together, we navigated countless iterations and flow variations, ensuring we accounted for edge cases and emerging requirements, and then relaying those back to the engineering team. At the time, we simplified the process by meticulously constructing every flow in a pixel-perfect, click-by-click prototype for the engineering team. Looking back, it might have been more efficiently managed with a dedicated product manager and a more robust process. Nevertheless, it underscored the need for speed and precision in a 0-1 product build, bridging the gap between design and engineering.

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