About the business

Founded in 2011, Updater supports 25% of US households with a marketplace of moving and home management services and tools. Updater actively acquires and merges companies in the moving services and logistics space and in 2019, found itself with many options for investing in new digital solutions to better streamline and package their capabilities into software products.

the story

We joined the Updater team at a point when they had already established a highly successful top-of-the-funnel strategy. They were driving a consistent flow of traffic but needed guidance on which opportunities to prioritize. My business partner and I stepped in to assist in devising a structured set of tests. We collaborated closely with the internal team to swiftly design and implement these tests.

Running weekly tests allowed us to accumulate crucial data, enabling us to discern the areas that warranted further development. From a design standpoint, our focus was on crafting a versatile UI system that could be readily adapted for testing purposes. This system was then seamlessly handed over to the engineering team, ensuring that it could be iteratively refined with fresh ideas.

The result was a highly successful sprint that provided concrete answers to their roadmap inquiries.

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